Deport those darn tax payers! (Seriously?)

The desire to get rid of “illegals” runs so deep that now authorities in at least one state  are trying to detect and deport undocumented immigrants who pay their taxes. The NY Times reports that police from the Sheriff’s Office in Weld County, Colarado, in October entered Amalia’s Translation and Tax Service and confiscated thousands of confidential tax returns.  The seizure, a violation of property rights according to the American Civil Liberties Union, was part of, get this, Operation Number Games, to find migrants using fake Social Security numbers to pay their taxes.  Is this a game?  Because the ridiculousness of this is beyond me.  Authorities are on a mission, to deport hard working people, who are paying taxes, people who, working informally, could avoid paying taxes if they wanted to, but who still pay their share because they want to contribute and prove their place in America?  With our hemmoraging economy, we should be grateful for the income tax base (undocumented immigrants paid $50 billion in taxes from 1996 to 2003), not to mention the other economic boosts borne by undocumented immigrants who by the way always pay sales tax.  The existence of Operation Number Games can only be explained by xenophobia.

*For more commentary on this story, please visit Citizen Orange.


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  1. When I was working at an immigration clinic last summer, I was at first suprised to find out that so many of our clients indeed made up numbers and paid their taxes. Kind of shot a hole in the myth that illegals are all a huge drain on the system. They aren’t trying to cheat the system- they are trying to be as much part of the system as they can, but we won’t let them.

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