I’m a first generation Russian Jewish immigrant, born in the Soviet Union (Belarus) and reared mostly in New York/New Jersey.  When  I moved to Mexico after college a year and half ago, an acquaintance, surprised that I wasn’t “only gringa” and that I spoke Spanish, decided that I would heretofore be referred to as the Gringa Rusa Mexicana.

In this blog, I write from the perspective of my three parts and share my personal experiences, thoughts, ideas and reports on the border (my current home), immigration, US and Mexican public policy, oppression, diasporas and poverty.


One response to “About

  1. Igor

    Hola griga rusa:
    Fue muy interesante enterarse de alguien como tu
    desde que yo, tambien sea judio de rusia y tengo mucho
    interes sobre mexico. Vivo philadelphia por un rato,
    pero a mi me facina mexico con su cultura y idioma.
    Apenas regrese del viaje al estado de cohuila en el norte, donde pase una semana visitando a mi amigo
    Quisiera preguntarte, porque te mudaste a mexico?
    Te interesa este pais o simplemente buscaba un cambio de la vida estatounidense?

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